Sidewalks, not just for the young

There are life stages that we all go through.  One of the huge life stages that young families look forward to are those precious first steps of toddlers.  Parents anxiously capture those first step moments on video and share them with friends and family.

There is a second huge life stage that we all go through.  The life stage where we hold on to mobility as long as possible to maintain our independence.  As we age, we must exercise our bodies to keep them fit and compete against father time.

Neighborhood walkability has become a benefit for seniors that choose to gracefully stay in the communities that they have called home for decades.  Retrofitting suburban neighborhoods that lack proper amenities for walkability has been gaining momentum across the country.  Below is a link to a blog on a site that rates an area’s walkability with a numeric score (The Avoca area scores a 38 out of a possible 100).  The blog article, Seniors: Walkability Benefits for an Aging Public goes into great detail on the benefits of walkability as a means of staying active as we age.  The blog post is worth reading to learn the trends happening nationwide as well as additional resources to learn more about walkability’s importance for seniors.

Sidewalks are a great resources for all ages and enhance the livability of a neighborhood for decades.

Seniors: Walkability Benefits for an Aging Public (from written by Jocelyn Milici Ceder) 

Seniors walking to church

Seniors walk to church in the morning in Evanston. An area with a walkable score of 73.



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