50 plus years of recommending sidewalks

How long has sidewalk expansion been recommended by village planners?  Would you believe that 50 plus years ago there are references to sidewalks being retrofitted in areas that presently lack them as an amenity.  With all the medical studies that have appeared in recent years linking lack of low-impact exercise with the rise in US obesity rates, a person could not be blamed for thinking that sidewalks are a new movement. Instead going back to the 60s, the need to provide accessible, safe, and alternative transportation choices were seen as an infrastructure issue to be resolved.

1960 Glenview Master

Master Plan 1960

2004 Glenview Master Plan

Glenview Master Plan 2004

With planning underway for the next version of Glenview’s Master Plan, there can be no doubt that the issue of filling in the sidewalk gaps in the village will continue to be raised by village planners.  The question has never been will sidewalks be installed and the pedestrian transportation corridors complete, the question has always been will we be alive to see it.

Read Master Plans – http://glenview.il.us/business/Pages/Comprehensive-Plan.aspx


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