3rd Grader Hit by SUV While Riding Bike to Glenview School | Glenview, IL Patch

There is often an argument made in areas surrounding schools in the North Shore of Chicago, that no accidents ever happen involving automobiles and students.  This is especially the case is areas that lack proper access for students to get to school, forcing them to walk in street or jump over yard rocks.  Residents will often recite the same mantra, “Nothing has ever happened around here”.  Today, October 23, 2014 around 7:50 AM an accident did occur in Glenview, IL when a 3rd grade student riding their bike to Pleasant Ridge school was struck by an SUV as the vehicle made a right-hand turn.  How the driver did not see the student in an unanswered question.  The male driver was witnessed out of his SUV trying to console the child.  No one doubts that the driver felt horrible for his failure to control his vehicle.   Any of us could imagine the guilt we would feel if we ever stuck a child.

We can never stop accidents from happening.  What we can do is take proper precautions by providing pedestrian safe routes to community destinations, such as schools.  When we are driving in school areas, we should all take an extra moment to scan the surroundings to assure there are no students around.  Especially during the morning rush hour, when heavily volumes of traffic and students co-exists.

3rd Grader Hit by Car While Riding Bike to Glenview School | Glenview, IL Patch.