Orlando Florida, is this Glenview’s future?

Orlando Florida is considered one of the worst cities in the United States for pedestrian safety when it comes to roadways. Roads in Orlando were enlarged in the 70s and 80s, when Disney World prompted the rapid expansion of the roadways with pedestrians treated as an afterthought.

Our own area has also gone through a rapid expansion over the past three decades. I am often shocked to discover that most residents do not know that Lake Ave in Glenview, IL was once a two lane road. When time came to expand it, no thought was given to how pedestrians were using Lake Ave to go to parks, walk to school, or grab a ice cream at the local Dairy Queen. Pedestrian crosswalks were placed at extremes, up to a 1/2 mile away between Laramie and Harms, which separated adjacent subdivisions.  A pedestrian crosswalk and traffic signal on a path to the local elementary was inexcusably not incorporated into the traffic plan. Traffic speeds now regularity exceed 40 mph on Lake Ave at all hours of the day; a speed at which a pedestrian struck by car would only have a 15% chance of living.

Back in July, National Public Radio (NPR) did a report bringing to the light the problems with Orlando’s traffic and there are many parallels to the present growth with Glenview.  You may listen to the full report here, Orlando Steps Up To Make Its Streets More Pedestrian-Friendly.


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