Happy walking day

Do you live in Glenview or perhaps Wilmette? If so then two weeks ago you witnessed quite the display of community as hundreds of families gathered together for the 4th of July festivities.

Glenview has a parade on the morning if the 4th with families setting up and down Harlem Ave as the floats go by. Children stand street side with bags open to collect the candy passed out by parade walkers. And everyone cheers when the Jesse White Tumblers miraculously set-up a mat within 10 seconds to treat onlookers to high flying acrobatics. It is an amazing morning that helps make Glenview feel like an all American community.

There is something that makes this day even more remarkable. Just off Harlem, there are hundreds of people who walk to the parade. While the main action is on Harlem, the neighborhood pedestrian friendly sidewalks make getting to the parade a sharing moment for families as they enjoy a morning stroll. It is sidewalks that become a valuable resource that allow the community to come together.

So next time you are at a major family gathering, look around, you might be shocked how many people choose to walk as their preferred mode of transportation.