Gaining Support – Avoca School District #37 Board of Education resolution

Growing up in the 1970s many of us were able to walk or bike to neighborhood schools. Mornings were filled with younger children singing the latest songs on “the then new” MTV channel, while the older fifth grade kids acted as crossing guards to assure safe passage when crossing neighborhood streets. Biking to school was also an adventure, as it provided that first taste of freedom and responsibility to young students. It was important to obey the traffic signals and being sure to lock up one’s bike for safe keeping – just in case there was a Scut Farkus lurking around.

From the beginning the Avoca School District #37 Board of Education has been in support of providing safe passage to school.  The board believes that safe passage to schools is of “paramount important” and has the clarity to see that the problem is “exacerbated in the winter months when standing snow and slippery conditions significantly impair safe passage.” You may read the resolution here, Traffic Safety Concerns Avoca.

As we continue to work with our villages and residents it is important that we do not lose sight that while the weather is amazing now and children are out for the summer, that does not dismiss the underlying issues that need to be resolved in our communities.  Those issues being to assure that all our residents, from young to old, have safely designed – pedestrian friendly, neighborhoods, trails, and roadways for decades to come.



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