Curious about Traffic Statistics around our area schools

Have you ever wondered about the traffic around our schools and the number of speeding vehicles and accidents? Working with the Village of Wilmette, the Pedestrian Safety Committee tabulated the number of incidents over the past 6 years into two categories: Motor Accidents and Speeding. Three areas were reviewed for the study:

  • Illinois Rd. and Hibbard Rd. (near Marie Murphy)
  • Lake Ave. and Laramie (near Loyola Academy)
  • 3500 – 4000 Lake Ave (From West Park to Wilmette Golf Course)

So what do the statistics show?  Not surprisingly for any of us that have driven or walked along Lake Ave, speeding is a major issue.  When reviewing 3500 through 4000 Lake Avenue which runs past the entrance road to Avoca West Elementary, there were just over 950 citations for speeding over the past 6 years.  On average around 1 speeding ticket every 2.5 days.  There have also been around 160 traffic accidents during this same time.  Close to one accident every 14 days.

The Pedestrian Safety Committee knows that steps can be taken to help the situation.  We plan on engaging Cook County on implementing speed calming measures along Lake Ave.  We also plan to request a traffic signal at the corner of Sherwood and Lake Ave, which will act as a speed calming measure and help control the flow of traffic into Avoca West Elementary.

Here is the data:

Intersection Accidents Speeding
Illinois Rd. and Hibbard Rd. 11 10
Lake and Laramie 65 46
3500 – 4000 Lake Ave. 164 956

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