Community Pedestrian Safety Petition

Dear Avoca School District 37 Parents and Concerned Citizens,

Below is a link to a petition created by the Pedestrian Safety Committee.  Please take the time to read through the petition, sign it, and send it on to as many people as possible.  The more signatures and support we gain from the community the better.

The petition asks for three items to be the focus of an immediate study to improve the safety of pedestrians:

  1. A plan to add sidewalks to the surrounding Avoca West Elementary school neighborhoods.
  2. Improve traffic flow through the creation of a new egress point at the rear of Avoca West Elementary.
  3. Install and enforce speed calming measures on Lake Ave, Skokie Blvd, and Illinois Rd.

Thank you.

Petition to the Village of Glenview and Wilmette.

NOTE: If you have never used, it will ask you to fill in your name and address. There is a check box with the label “Display my signature on” which will show your name on the signature line.  If you allow for this feature (leave it checked), it will NOT show your street address and will only show the village where you live.



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