Expansion of Bike Paths across Chicagoland

The Chicago Tribune had an article about the expansion of bike trials in the Chicagoland area. Broken out in the article is the master plan for Glenview which is a long-term plan for the completion of bike trails and sidewalks. In essence filling in the gaps where there are missing walking and biking options for Glenview residents.

“Glenview’s master plan, passed in 2007, proposes to install about 50 miles of bike paths and about 15 miles of sidewalk paths by 2030, according to village documents. So far, the village built about 3.8 miles of new bike lanes or trails and about 0.7 miles of new public sidewalks, according to Joe Kenney, Glenview’s director of community development.”

Part of the master plan includes focusing on the area East of Harms Rd., where walkways need to be constructed to allow students the ability to walk to school safely and securely. This is one of the areas that the Pedestrian Safety Committee is focused on helping to get completed.

You may read the full article using the link below.



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