Dangerous by design 2014 Report

Attached you will find the Dangerous By Design 2014 Report, by Smart Growth America.  The report highlights how road planning, design, and construction greatly affects the speed at which drivers travel along a stretch of road.  A concept of lane narrowing is brought up in the report which at first appears counterintuitive.  However by narrowing the width of the lanes on arterial roads, accidents are reduced, especially involving pedestrians.

One does not have to look far to see the concept of modern “complete street” design being executed in our communities. The village of Northfield successfully campaigned for narrower 10 foot lanes to be used in the design of Willow Road.  This same approach should be adopted for Lake Ave, which like Willow Road also features two school, a park, and community shopping, however Lake Ave has lane widths approaching 12 feet.

Take the time to read the report and please pay extra attention to the before and after road redesigns scattered throughout the report.

Read Dangerous By Design 2014


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